Fenix3 - Who we are?

Fenix3 is a team of professional people, where anyone has its own specialization. We focus on completing various innovative projects. Passion towards new technology, creation of new products and services is something that beyond our differences, we have in common. We care to create positive experience for end consumer, to rise their life comfort and satisfy needs. We make the world of business and consumers come together accordingly with Marketing 3.0 rules.

How we work?

We implement modern projects that derive their advantage from Marketing 3.0 concept. We connect worlds of business and consumers together. New reality, based on positive customer experience of end user, is the kind of reality we create. Values, that customers wants to receive, is what we deliver, with benefit to both worlds. We are open for various forms of coopeation. If you have interesting idea, contact us, and we will help make this idea become real.


What makes us unique

Passion, professionalism and will to create new, better reality, is what makes us unique. Setting new paths in directions, no one before us managed to reach. We create the world, where businesses and customers go in the direction of common goal, and while doing so, they help each other.

Let's build better future together.

„ The thing that keeps a business ahead of the competition is excellence in execution.„
Tom Peters

We proudly present:

Latest project, that we implement is Smarty Life. Innovative media platform that connects modern consumers together. It makes saving and earning money during shopping easier than ever before. Smarty Life transforms normal TV into multifunctional entertainment center with internet access. It also allows access to Internet streaming media on demand, games and applications. Basically it turns TV into sophisticated and easy to use, fully functional computer.

People are what's drives us.

Want to become our business partner? We are open for cooperation, please leave a message: